“Russell's work is superb. His drone flight is smooth and never jerky, his shots are creative, and his editing work is clearly done by an artist telling a story, rather than someone just stringing shots together. The video he created for me is so beautiful it left me breathless, and the homeowner was thrilled.”

- Kirsten Englund | Keller Williams, Fresno

Real Estate and Property

Aerial photography and videos sell quicker and bring in higher offers. We can highlight all of your properties best assets from angles that cannot be achieved with a standard camera.  Whether it is a pool, pond, or even a park down the street we can incorporate all of that into a single shot and show your potential buyers exactly what they want to see.

Special Events

What better way to remember a special event than with some aerial photos or video to capture the moments. We can get the shots that your standard event photographer cannot. Even if you just want us to come out for an hour to take a few shots of you and your family, event or bridal party, we can work out a cost effective way to make your event that much more special.


Let us get the shot that puts your business on the map. We can give your customers a complete view of your location and what you have to offer, highlighting amenities in the immediate area that would entice customers to the location. 

Structural Inspections

Why put a person in harms way when you can send up a drone to do the same job and assure that no one will get injured in the process. Whether it is a bridge, cell tower, construction site, or even a steep slate roof, we can take the human error out of the equation and keep everyone safe on the ground and for about half the cost.

Construction Documentation

We can document all of the important phases of your projects starting with demolition,  pre construction, groundbreaking, and all the way through to the finished product. Aerial documentation can provide you and your clients views of the progression that standard handheld cameras simply cannot achieve.